Claves Experimental Study

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CLAVES Experimental Design

Intervention vs. Control Groups:

  • Intervention students participate in the CLAVES program
  • Control students continue with the regular curriculum

Randomized Controlled Trial

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Fidelity of Implementation

Fidelity of Implementation measures whether and how the intervention was implemented as designed/intended by the researchers.

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Why is Fidelity of Implementation Important?

This is a methodological strategy that ensures validity and reliability of findings related to the effectiveness of the program.

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Professional Development

Plans for ongoing professional development:

  1. Monthly Teacher Working Group meetings


  • Offering support for implementing lessons
  • Understanding the key principles of CLAVES so that teachers can create their own CLAVES curriculum


  • Teachers will be prepared to implement CLAVES lessons with fidelity.
  1. Researcher feedback on individual observations
  1. Online discussion forum and resources
  1. School site collaboration