Language Play Example Game

Language Play Game


Objective: Players will take turns drawing from a pile of cards and generating sentences using the subject they drew.


  1. Place the pile of subject word cards in the middle of the group.

  2. Students take turns drawing a card from the pile of subjects.

  3. On his or her turn, the student forms the shortest simple sentence s/he can using the subject drawn.

For example:

[Student draws “hummingbirds.”]

Student: “The hummingbird flew home.”*

   *Note for teacher: Students may alter the form of the noun as long as it agrees with the verb.

  1. The student then picks another student to identify the verb in the sentence s/he created. After saying aloud the verb,

that student then draws a card and take his or her turn.

  1. To aide students, the teacher may scribe student sentences as students say them aloud. The teacher may also choose to mark the subject and verb in the sentence after the students have identified them.

Example of student word cards

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 2.36.22 PM.png