Teaching Dialogic Reasoning

DR How-to:

Dialogic Reasoning discussions follows seven basic steps:

After the class reads the text, a small group comes together for a discussion…

  1. The teacher presents the DR question concerning a dilemma posed by the text.
  2. Students independently prepare for the discussion.
  3. The group reviews the discussion norms.
  4. Students freely explain their positions on the DR question.
  5. They expand on their ideas, adding reasons and supporting evidence from the text and everyday experience.
  6. They challenge each other’s thinking and ways of reasoning.
  7. Finally, the teacher and students review the discussion and make suggestions on how to improve future discussions.

The discussion may be followed up by argumentative writing exercises or further discussion about similar dilemmas.

(Adapted from Clark, et al., 2003)

Teacher Facilitation Moves:

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DR Student Norms

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